David Claypool

Professor Kagin.

The Hammock by Diego Rivera (1956) I choose this image because it reminded me of my beautiful girlfriend and her sister. Two sisters sitting in the night together.
Central avenue,Rio je Janeiro, RJ. Brazil by Ferrez Marc 1910. I choose this image because I found the differences in the images were very cool. Almost like the town on the left is glowing in the dark
Roses, Convolvuslus,Popies, and other Flowers. by Rachel Ruysch. I choose this image because everything I see beautiful flowers like this it makes me thing of my mother and my girlfriends mother love.
Four Large Cities in the World/Map of the World by Unknown(17thce. I choose this image because I have been to four different places outside the country including Bahamas, Africa, Europe, and France
Hare by Albrecht Durer(1502). I choose this image because this hard made me feel like its a sneaky hare like a character in a movie. Like he plays the roll of a bad guy.
Midsummer Eve bonfire on Skagen's beach by P.S. Kroyer(1906). This image reminds me me of when I traveled to Puerto Rico for a weeding, this image looks exactly how we were at night.
The bedroom(October 1888) by Vincent Gogh. I choose this image because this image makes me think of home and home is always a great place to be.
The Merchant Georg Gisze(1532) by Hans Holbein the younger. I choose this image honestly because it made me laugh this guy looks like this guy is smiling and mad at the same time.
George Washington(1797) by Gilbert Stuart I choose this image because I always was a favorite of our first president George Washington.
The Scream by Edvard Munch(1910). The Scream always been one of my favorite paintings, I think this painting is a great painting and always will be.
Leone Marciano andante by Vittore Carapccio(1516). This has to be my favorite image. This is the king of the jungle with wings symbolizing his power.
Portrait of A. Moravia(1982) by Renato Guttuso. I choose this image because his reminded me of the Sopranos. This guys looks like an old gangster, like a guy from the show.
Processional Way, Babylon(604 BCE0 by unknown I choose this image beacsue again I love lions they are my favorite animals and they are kings and this reminds me of a lion.
Centaur mosaic (120-130) by Unknown. This is my second favorite image. I love how they are fighting and I don't know what we would call these man horse running around
ll Canal Grande da Ca' Balbi verso Rialto(1721-1723) by Antonio Canal detto Canaletto. I choose this image because I always dreamed of something like thing I see it in movies all the time.