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Kamenev boldly opposed the idea of the October Revolution, he publically stated in Pravda that it goes against Bolshevik ideals. He was actually in this photo but was cropped out due to the above.
Despite his close following of Lenin and Bolshevism, Stalin played a rather insignificant role in the October Revolution. He was there on the day and close to the centre of the scene, but the part he played was relatively insignificant.
Dzerzhinsky was a key physical member of the revolution. He helped take over railways, roads and telegraph towers. Him being such a radicalist drove his determination.
Lenin was the verbal orchestrator within the October Revolution. He pressurised the unwilling Soviet and Bolshevik Central Committee along with the masses through his strong ideological sense and charisma.
Trotsky was the one with the plan, he carefully orchestrated where everyone should be and when. Without his careful planning it would have been disorganised and may have been unsuccessful.
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