Diego Velazquez was a Spanish painter who was the leading artist in the court of King Philip IV and one of the most important painters of the Spanish Golden Age. I have included portraits of the Spanish royal family and other notable European figures in my exhibition. Velazquez is remembered as one of the great masters of Western art. He was born in Seville, Spain and was a 17th century Spanish painter. 

Infanta Margarita Teresa is one of the best known portraits by Diego Velazquez. It measures 127 cm by 107 cm and it was produced in 1659, a year before Velazquez’s death. Margarita has a pale countenance which is enhanced by the blue and silver tones. I chose this artwork by Velazquez because it is how her husband met her. Through this portrait, he was able to see what his fiancée looked like.
The portrait of Luis Gongora has a 40.5 x 50.3 cm with a baroque style. I chose Gongora’s portrait because he is one of the most influential Spanish poets of his era. In addition, he created the style of “Gongorism” and this portrait is the only picture that we have from Gongora.
According to Andrew Graham Dixon an art historian, the prince Balthasar Charles looks lost. Prince Balthasar has a majestic pose while riding the horse and he is wearing traditional clothing. The portrait is now located at the Museo del Prado, and has dimensions of 209x173 cm. I chose this portrait because it is interesting how Velazquez was trusted to build the image of the Spanish royal family.
Philip IV was a king of Spain and Portugal. He is remembered for his patronage of the arts, including Diego Velazquez. I chose this picture to show you all Velazquez was one of his favorite courtiers and then became a salaried painter to Philip. Velazquez continued painting royal portraits until the end of his life.
The portrait is painted using the baroque technique that made use of the contrasts between light and dark shadows to achieve a sense of volume. “The three musicians” is one of Velazquez’s earliest works, and the dimensions are 88cm x 111 cm. I chose this portrait because I finally get to admired someone smiling in his artwork, not only that but the three musicians look happy.
The portrait of a lady has dimensions of 123x99 cm. His lighting looks very sophisticated and yet realistic. We do not know if it is Diego’s wife or the wife of a Spanish ambassador. I chose this picture because it is a mysterious not knowing more about her.
Margarita Teresa was the first wife of her uncle, Leopold 1. Their union had bee planned since her childhood and in order to met her, portraits of Margarita were sent to the court at Vienna. I chose this portrait because the paintings illustrated her in different stages of her childhood. For example, I think she looks older in this picture than the previous one I have.
As a court painter to Philip IV, Velazquez painted countless portraits of the king and his family. The dimensions of the portraits are 128 cm x 102 xm. Dwarfs in royal portraits were attributes of the royal dignity. I chose this portrait because it is amazing how the children look so young, however they are dressed like a miniature adult.
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