Presence' Tense

Installation at Twelve Gates Art in Philadelphia, PA. USA.                                                                                                                                                   Presence’ Tense                                                 Conversation with my mother on 10/20/2014 at 11:20 pm central time via google voice using a mac book pro laptop bought in 2010.                                       Written with English alphabets and transcribed into English.                                                             Ammu (Bengali for mother) –  Anjum Kibria               P* (Nickname used by my mother – undisclosed) – Juneer Kibria                                             Conversation in Bengali:                                          P*: Ammu amar exhibition hobey Philidephiaey December mashe.                                               Ammu: Ohh khob Bhalo! Ki painting ni eh?                   P*: Na! Installation.                                           Ammu: Painting aka akdoom cherae dilla? Agay na koto shondor shondor chobi akta.                                     P*: Ha! Onek din chobi aki nie, bashi bhag installation niay kajo kori akhone.                                         Ammu: Ki oey habra-jabra niya?                               P*: Yup, onek habra-jabra!                             Transcription in English:                                           P*: Ammu, I have an exhibition in Philadelphia this December.                                                       Ammu: Ohhh very good! What, with paintings?             P*: No! Installation.                                                     Ammu: You completely gave up painting? You used to paint so many beautiful paintings.                             P*: Ha! I haven’t painted in a very long time.  I’m usually working with installation these days.               Ammu: What, like those habra-jabra stuff?                 P*: Yup, lots of habra-jabra!                                                                                                                 Habra-Jabra: No literal translation in English. Translation attempt: Very messy un-useful things that are collecting dust and cobwebs, OR Dusty old things that are chewed out, OR Discarded, unimportant un-pretty messes of guts.                                                                                                                                                 Presence’ Tense is a site specific and personal installation that explores semantics, material play and the condition of architectural interiors. Modularity? Less is More? Form follows Function?While habra-jabras ('guts'), the fundamental building blocks of building construction and architecture are exposed, this installation creates monuments with no structural function. The modular make of these monuments are developed by the endless collection of molded disposable coffee cups and cardboard sleeves signifying a connection to a historical and cultural identity – A habra-jabra of burden.

Credits: All media
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