Our World of Emotions

Through this art gallery you will encounter each of the 8 basic emotions according to Robert Plutchik's theory of emotions.

Sadness and grief go hand in hand. One could almost feel the sadness of the women in the painting.
Disgust is when one feels that something is wrong or dirty. This painting invokes disgust because a man is being fed to horses, an event that is viewed as very wrong by most.
As the title states, the rooster in this painting is very angry. It may even be experiencing rage.
This painting represents the emotion of fear. The horse in the painting experiences this when it encounters the lion. The horse is frightened that the lion may attack.
When something unexpected happens, one experiences the emotion of surprise. This emotion could be either a positive or negative feeling.
This painting represents trust, such as the trust between a child and their mother.
Joy, otherwise known as happiness, is demonstrated by the girl in the painting. She just returned from a joyous vacation.
Anticipation is when one looks forward to something in a very positive way, as demonstrated by this painting.
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