Cool Colors

When we think of cool we think, cold, calm, nature, and passiveness.

This is very creative. They took a blue wall and incorporated amazing colors to form an amazing art. It just makes your day better by seeing this.
I like this because even though the painting is of something ugly and a little freighting, it has amazing detail and is electrifying.
The blue pants just makes this image not boring. i get tired of the same old black and white portraits, but adding the blue pants makes it look better and the man look funny.
It's cool how you can turn an ordinary boring wall into an amazing one full of design. I like how the guy is just looks bored and old.
The purple assimilate the portrait well. She is purple so that makes her stand out more than just being a boring portrait with neutral colors.
This is just adorable. All different blues takes you into like a fantasy land. it makes you just want to forget about all your troubles and go here.
She uses the blue to symbolize her dance and her tradition. The color blue goes well with her skin tone. you can tell she is as peace and that is something she enjoys doing.
The green makes the monkey seem very happy. I like that he uses different shades of green to represents the monkey's lighter parts of its body and then the darker green for the darker part of his body.
There is like a storm, but playing the piano sets him at ease. It calms him and make him forget about all his worries. I like that you can really tell whats going on in the image and how beautiful the waves look with the blue and purple.
I like how the background is blue but you have this beautiful many different colors to go with it. The artist uses the different colors such as green and blue to show that there is movement within the snail.
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