Taylor Jones- Martin

This collection is filled with a variety of styles and techniques. There is very little cohesion as a whole, these are some of the artworks that certainly stood out to me as I browsed through the various collections.

This sculpture is very stylized and is interesting. It also shows that they did appreciate the intimacy of sex in some form. Fertility was appreciated and the only way through reproducing is through ***.
This sculture of the power figure reminded me of the material we learned about hammering nails into the sculpture as apart of a religious ritual. The sculpture is very stylized and very rustic and filled with some sort of meaning behind it. This is what really intrigued me to it.
I love this piece! The exaggerated facial expression and the amazing use of warm colors. The use of the geometrical shapes on the surface of the picture is interesting and adds some element of texture along with her hair braids and beads.
When I saw this picture, I immediately noticed the distorted heads and hands of the figures on the bicycles. The artist has definitely played a lot with scale in this artwork. Which draws attention to the piece.
After hearing the story behind this painting and seeing both versions,I fell in love with it. I loved her version because she depicts true emotion as well as an element of realism. She even displays the mood with the dark and gloomy background.
The grid like texture adds an interesting touch to the artwork. The intertwined arms and lifted feet bring a sense of movement. These are certainly representational without realistic or naturalistic features.
This interesting painting attracted me because the painting is not pretty. All art does not need to be attractive to be interesting.
As I saw this picture, it weirded me out. A woman with very masculine features posing with two scrambled eggs in the place of her breasts. Not the first thing I would classify as art. But I really valure her thought, creativity, and individuality.
I love this piece because I can feel the mood and it even makes me want to dance. The vibrant colors and movement and body language of the figures show that they have having a grand time.
I was attracted to this painting because the subject matter, George Washington Carver. I remember learning about his as a child. The painting is well done and when you see this you are automatically focused to the flower that he is so into.
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