The many different techniques of Printmaking

By: Chandler Webb

This print demonstrates an engraving process of Printmaking. The dominant elements include line of course, in the engraving itself and shape in the natural trees and animals.
This is a drawing by Durer. The dominant element in this drawing line to outline Adam and Eve, and perhaps space in the overlapping of Adam and Eve against the background. NOT enough text for principl
This is an etching by Rembrandt. Dominant elements include of course line in the etching and shape of the rail and the articles of clothing. Dominant principles include proportion of man to rail.
This is a painting by Rembrandt. Dominant elements include color of the beard and red colors of the clothes, and form of the man himself. Dominant principles include emphasis in the man, and unity.
This is a drypoint print by Cassatt. Dominant elements include shape of the armchair, and free flowing lines representing the girl and her dress. Dominant principles include emphasis on the girl, Unty
This is a painting by Cassatt. Dominant elements include line, outlining the girl and outlining the sidewalk. Another element is color of the green grass and red flowers. Principles; emphasis, unity.
Aqautint by De Goya. Dominant elements include the forms and shapes of the man and the creatures. Line in the block and print itself. Principles include variety in the calm man against back, movement.
Painting by De Goya. Element include color in the clothes of the angel and Joseph, and overlapping of space with the angel against the background. Principles include movement, and proportion.
Lithograph by Lautrec. Dominant elements include line of the suit and scarf, and line in the print itself. Principles include unity in that the man is by himself, and emphasis on the man.
Painting by Lautrec. Elements include color of the blue and white suit along with line to outline where the suit is compared to where the face and the wall are. Principles include emphasis, unity.
Wood engraving by Homer. Elements include the natural and organic lines of the trees. Another element is the space, overlapping of boys and house against background and trees. Principles; movement, un
Drawing by Homer. Elements include line of course in the swing and boy along with forms of the swing. Principles include emphasis on the of and unity of the whole drawing.
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