Texture In Our Outdoors

I chose to focus on Nature and the texture we see in it daily, an example would be the fall leaves. I love the texture we see when stepping outside from the leaves to the flowers we see texture everyday.

The emphasis/focus of the image is the iceberg which is the main focus of the picture. When seeing the picture for the first time my attention went straight to the focus of the work.
Texture is seen throughout the painting, the snow in particular has an interesting texture. The texture in the painting gives the illusion of depth.
Repetition is seen in the photograph by the tree's and the leaves. In nature we see repetition although it may not be identical we see the repetition in leaves, tree's, and flowers.
The tree's branches show movement in the way they are positioned. It gives the painting a realistic approach to how the tree's and leaves move.
The color is prominently green which I really enjoy. It is realistic in the way a forest is you see a lot of greenery.
The moss and green that has formed on the bricks gives the image texture and depth. The leaves also give the natural texture we often see.
The tree's and the running water give the image a peaceful look. The water has movement and texture.
The rocks, mountain, and field are beautiful and have such an amazing sense of peace. Nature truly has so much to offer us artistically and emotionally.
Antarctica is well known for the ice and cold. The beauty that is within the ice, icebergs, or ice caves is incredible. The texture from the snow and ice is smooth and has clean lines.
The ocean and rocks seen in the work have texture from the waves of the ocean or the natural cracks in rocks. Going to the beach you often see unending texture and beauty.
Credits: All media
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