Portraits in the Northern Renaissance were a lot different than the portraits in the Italian Renaissance. This is because artists are able to see a face and mirror their face into their painting and i'm fascinated by their skill to do that.

I chose this painting because this painting is extremely detailed and the face of the woman is very well done
The head of this hound is three demensional and is detailed to the extreme and looks very realistic.
I chose this painting of this man because the face has a real expression and Rogier's work is extroardinary.
This portrait is very detailed and pretty colors.
I chose this painting because the dress is detailed with flowers.
When i first saw this painting i saw that it was so realistic and Hans Holbein was ahead of his time in painting.
Virgin and Child with Angels is a very delightful piece by Joos van CLeve and i chose it because the virgin and the child and the Angels all show expressions and show details.
i chose this painting because the painting looks almost life-like, like a picture that was taken.
i chose this painting because the intricate detail of the wrinkled paper behind the merchant's head
Jan Gossaert made a portrait of a man that looks very familiar too Lord Farquad on Shrek.