Time For A Little Perspective

Collection of art that exhibits the use of perspective that I find interesting. By Rebecca Luse

First off, this drawing is very simple but shows perspective clearly. One can see a gate and the space beyond the gate which are all in a straight line meant to direct your focus forward.
This work of art shows perspective clearly as it draws the eye down what appears to be a long hall. It looks convincingly 3D and is a great example of one point perspective.
This work of art shows us multiple points of perspective. We can see to the left through multiple arches, through the back of the ruins, and we can look up giving us a sense of height.
Much is happening in this landscape but the eye is first distracted by the rock structures at the front of the painting. When one looks farther into the background you can see infinite perspective.
In this painting our attention is drawn down two side streets and across the scene to a castle and to some mountains. Our perspective is slightly warp because we are viewing it from above.
The perspective in this painting causes us to focus on the art work as a whole. Our attention is pulled through the crowd of people, down the multiple streets, and on into the clouds of smoke.
The perspective in this painting brings our eyes to the park entrance and causes us to focus on a lady. Also we feel how the street curves giving us a sense of continued perspective.
This painting shows us perspective by a straight line of the street that continues through the fence and into the vaguely visible background. We also feel the curve of the rode smoothly.
The proper perspective in this painting helps us see where the light is coming from, how the shadow flows, and where the street is going. All these come together to illuminate a realistic scene.
This stained glass shows perspective remarkably well. One really feels as if there is a street that leads off into the far distance while the flowers are larger because they are closer to the viewer.
This stained glass window gives us a sense of perspective as it takes us through multiple levels. We see a foreground, a middle ground, and a far background, all of which merge together beautifully.
This painting uses perspective rather cleverly. We have our attention focused on the lady but we also see a reflection in a mirror. This reflection draws the eye into seeing an alternate perspective.
The perspective in this painting keeps our attention on the three people in the foreground. It also tempts the eye to look farther back and see the beautiful scenery.
This painting gives us a sense of infinite perspective as we can see over rolling hills. But it also offers a close up and well proportioned perspective of townsfolk and buildings.
Lastly, one of the more impressive examples of perspective. It seems like the sky is eternal and that the people are at different depths but really it is all one flat painting masterfully crafted.
Credits: All media
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