Sculpture or bust

This is a gallery of sculptures, specifically bust style sculptures. Busts are unique because they tell a story like any other piece, but with such a limited area to tell the story. Busts don't rely on a full body sculpture to convey and idea or for the viewer to recognize whom they're depicting. Busts simply rely on a shoulder-up look at a figure. As with any medium of art, it's interesting to see what simple or abstract approaches artists take to their work. Here, I have chosen five rather different busts that all connect my idea of the vague and subtle way bust sculptures communicate to their viewer. 

This work depicts the use of a bust to identify an icon. As viewers, there isn't a need to see all of Medusa to know it's Medusa. The viewer sees the snakes as hair and immediately know whom they're viewing.
This work shows a young man. The viewer can identify the figure as young because of his features instead of height and stature per usual.
Viewers' interest can be sparked from this sculpture because of the artist including a full length sculpture on a bust of a woman. This proves that art truly has no rules.
This bust of Benjamin Franklin shows that busts can be used as respectful memorials of historical figures.
Often times, busts are realistic representations of figures. However, this work shows an abstract value that most artists don't push their work towards.
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