Horizons - Joshua Sexton

This gallery showcases the power, vastness and beauty of nature. It will also display our relationship with the land at a time when climate change as well as industry threaten to change our landscape. I hope this will serve as a reminder of just how lovely and pure our open spaces can be.

This painting represents a partially snow covered field. On this day the snow has begun to melt, revealing a golden field underneath. Puddles are starting to form from the melting snow, an indication that spring may be near. In the distance we are struck by the snow-packed mountains and the towering trees which are wrapped in a blanket of white. The clouds appear ready to layer a field with a fresh powder in a winter season that isn’t quite over. The artist chose an excellent angle to show the uncovered field, this angle creates a sense of space and depth to the work
This painting was created with oil on panel. It displays the wonder and mystery to be found in nature. As we follow along the foreground we are greeted by a sole wanderer beginning his adventure at the edge of the forest. He gives great scale to the mountains and surrounding wilderness. Our eyes follow the line of the river taking us deeper and deeper into the unknown. Clouds appear to be accumulating in what could be a storm on the horizon.
The vantage point of the artist in this painting appears to be from some height looking over the very green and fertile land. We see farmhouse surrounded by a field. The field is surrounded by many streams and rivers flowing out into the horizon. The use of space and perspective puts us almost up in the clouds, they roll and stretch out for an eternity over the fertile grounds below.
In this painting we see a mill on the river at the edge of a waterfall. Broken branches and rocks adorn the foreground, while mountains tower in the background. The artist decision to place the horizon line high lets the audience feel and see the power of nature and just how small we are. This landscape could crush us at any moment. There is texture here in the flowing current as well as in the rocks and branches.
This painting is oil on canvas and displays the rich and vast danish countryside. The use of line here is expertly done leading our eyes from the rocks, flowers, and bushes in the foreground down the road to the lush forest that sits between the grassy hillsides. The background details appear very far away, the animals are proportioned well enhancing our feeling of open space and vastness of the countryside.
The painting definitely presents us with an approaching storm. We immediately are drawn to the people fishing who appear to be working feverishly in an effort to beat the storm and take their family back to safety. This painting also displays a vast landscape with imposing mountains. The artist use of line to display the wind and storm that will soon be engulfing the people in this giant landscape really gives movement to this piece.
This work presents a serene lake, so still we can clearly see the reflection of the nearby buildings and vegetation. In the foreground we have goats grazing in a field. Our eyes move to the horseback rider, then we transition to the mountain. The use of scale on the mountain is wonderful, the artist has it’s peak shrouded in clouds.
This scene is composed as a miniature view of life on a frozen canal.The artist use of variety allows us to view, the differing social status of the people living in sync in a rural and vast landscape. From the peasants chopping wood in the foreground and the ice skaters and sleigh riders of the upper class. This work portrays a very vast view of nature and a mired of people using it for different purposes. In the distance we can see the towers, just barely visible.
This painting displays the peacefulness and pure serenity of the Himalayas. As the light changes on the mountainside we get to experience a wonderful of range in the blues. These Peaks and mountain ranges are isolated and untouched by industry and human hands. Appearing to share the same space and tranquility as the moon around it.
This painting displays a beautiful summer day as people are enjoying the river. This scene seems to take place at twilight while as the river in the foreground is cast in shadow and the buildings on the mountainside are engulfed in sunlight. These people are displayed as enjoying the outdoors and the wide expanse of nature.The artists’ use of an analogous color scheme really set the tone of relaxation and comfort.
Credits: All media
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