Vivid women- jasmine bailey

A gallery to represent the vivid beauty that radiates from women of all shapes, sizes, color or whatever else makes an individual, them. By using vivid colors as the main visual element it gives the pieces a 

In this piece we are shown women of different colors standing and being held together. The color of the women are not regular flesh tone, but rather bright colors to give the picture interest
In this painting there is a women crying blue tears. Bright colors are used to show contrast between her and the background. The colors also create a sort of deeper depth to the painting, by using happy colors, with a sad subject.
The painting shows three women wearing traditional garb, in a non traditional color of vibrant pink. However the womens face are dark and in shadows. The background creates a sort of map for the eyes to look at and explore the whole piece, the stairs and different variations of the brown and tans create depth. While the women grab your attention at first the background shows you the extra attention to detail.
This graffiti art piece shows a beautiful women with a wide smile taking up a side of a building. The color palette consist of red, black, grey,white and tan. Although it would seem that those colors would not draw any attention, it make the image more impactful. The womens tan skin jumps out against the background, making her the subject of attention.
This painting shows a nude women in between to opposing forces, or what appears to be a representation of good and evil. There are two men on one side in the darker area where the shadows are, and one women dressed in white in the light. the women in the middle on both sides with her body parts reaching in both directions. Due to how all the people are drawn it creates a balance in which we understand who the main subject is, and they are just the extra key elements that tell the story.
This painting uses yellow as the main color to get the viewers attention, but using different variations of yellow, to create depth within the image. There are three women sitting in a triangle by a table which fills the frame of the picture. The women in the drawing wear colors that compliment each other, but are still different enough to show that these women are individuals.
This painting features a women who looks almost other worldly dues to the colors used to create her skin and her wide eyes. She is shown to have a serious expression. At first glance the image looks to be and very muted, but when taking time to look at it, you can see a wide range of different colors used, to create depth and beauty n the face.
This painting shows a women dressed in purple staring off into the distance with a worried expression on her face. There is a dark figure in the background , which not only fills the space of the image, but creates a story as well. The color palette relies heavily on green and brown for the background and purple for the women.
The painting shows four women sitting around a table playing a card game. The color palette is limited in the amount of colors use, but still makes the image pop. By having few, bright colors, that can bounce off of each other it creates an interesting element to the picture. The cards spill forward and away from the women, it almost invites the viewer to come join in.
This is a painting of a mother nursing her baby. She is sitting in a colorful room, and it appears to be a nursery. The blanket although dark, really grabs your attention. The lunes of the purple blanket draw the eye up towards the baby. The directions of the baby's head leads your eye then towards the mother. They key elements of this picture all stack upon each other, to lead your all threw out the whole piece.
Credits: All media
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