3xpression of the colors.

Nana Tanaka

He used primary colors which is red, blue and yellow.
Most of the background color is blue which express relax, Yellow express peach or happiness, brown express nature. So all the colors that Gogh used are matched with the title.
The background colors of orange express that energizing, however below the orange express the sadness which is blue. Those colors helping to describe the title.
Most of the background is yellow. Yellow express happiness. Upper position, there is one object look like unicorn(to me) is draw by orange and red. Which express passionate and energized
Taikan used blue on the Mt.Fuji and ocean. Which express relax. Mt. Fuji is the symbol of peace in Japan.
Sky and water are draw by blue. Blue express relax.
Pretty scary painting. However Ahn used right color to express their painting. Red express warning, Black express power.
Ahn's painting are pretty awesome. Using red and black again, help to express. Red and black. Warning and power. Also orange express energize.
Using black for edge, make it more emphasize the lady in the middle. Her red dress warning to people.
The background color of red express warning. 2 people have knifes. Try to kill each other. Power of red and black.
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