Primary colors, blue, yellow, red
Contrasting colors of red and green. Black and white contrasting polkadots also attracts audience's attention.
One hue, many shades. Monochromatic.
Primary colors, red contrasts with blue to emphasize the red jar within the blue background.
Contrasting colors to attract attention of audience to red dress.
This scene consists of cool colors to provide a calm and peaceful feel. Emphasis is put on the two in white as they overlap the blue background.
Cool colors is used as light blue is surrounded by the neutral shade of white.
The contrasting blue and red sky draw attention to the rooster as his tail is also red within a blue sky. The red sunset is an arbitrary color with darker shades and provides a gloomy feel.
Warm bright colors, primary colors juxtaposed by black.
Sense of dread, analogous colors.
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