My theme is mostly subject-based inspiration based upon surrealism art that depict human nature, religion or life.       Done by Jesica Manrriquez Flores

This painting depict a solitary Greek musican. The musican is wearing a mask maybe hiding his face. His body is engulf by shapes and building maybe sliding he's oppress. Color used are bright and lines strokes are well define.
Cow skull is the symbol of the American west. With the white flower aside to it depict the beauty of the American West. The painting here is soften the texture and the outer lines to make it seen clear.
From her biography, Frida suffer terrible accident in her past life. The painting depict how she is tangled by metal and nails. Another representing of series of surgery she went through. The metal spine that traps her body. Her painting are surreal and painted beauty despite it's a terrible past for her.
A rather disturb painting of a surrealist artist. The painting depict madness, human behavior or nightmare. The color used here present in dark sense. The movement here is seen as vicious almost looking like cuts in the face.
The painting here presents the effect on nature that war causes. As you can see, the land is covered with wires making nature look dead. Colors here use are darker tone depicting lifeless, death and loneliness.
A surreal painting by Berni. Matador means bull killer which is ironic in this painting because he is seen as dead. The bull killer become kill by life. What make this painting stand out is the amount of patteren used. The flowers creating sequences for a shape.
Another great Frida Kahlo painting, it depicts fear. With out hope the person will be swallow by fear and death. Death is seen as well as dead animals. Depicting nature around is seen as it end to all.
These painting caught my attention, archaeology is always my fascination. One figure black and the other built by shape. This can depicts how the figure precarious about the unknown world making them forget about death and consume by th amount of knowledge.
The sower mean he who palnts the seed on land. ut for this painting the sower might be planting evil onto land. The dark colors use give a darker background. the animals or figure used are seen not plesantble in the situation.
The painting is surreal depicting a man's face lost or confuse. The white cloth may represent a yearning for sex. The background is the sea maybe his favorite place. The brinks might represent him from reaching his senses.
Credits: All media
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