Hong Kong 041612

delectable visions & versions

cows, in reverse alpha-bet, the last six letters are mnemonicked Flamingos Eat Daffodils, Cows Bask Always;
the tactiles of a cloudy moonstruck night; soft, mysterious, magical, somewhat spooky;
I like what Jongkind does with light; cf this daylight pict with Moonlight night pict; he groks the touch including of the towering clouds;
I admire as much of All that I can and covet little, but this remakable box makes one want to scarper with it;
It's hard to know whether to love the twigs or distant mountains or the moon the best;
Never knew to look at vegetation as lace before;
Whatever it *is*, it's terrific; ends of boos/pages? curtains?
Definitely lightnings &/or wakes up the Old Circuits;
Credits: All media
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