Art 110- Illusions of Space

This image is the best representation of a 1- point perspective. It includes a horizon line and a point in the middle in which all the lines fall back on.
This is another type of 2-point perspective, yet a bit more complex. It is not as simple yet it has amazing detail and depth.
One last example of 1-point. As you can see this is my favorite perspective. This is simple and at the same time complex. It is very appealing to the eye and makes us see it as if we were there in person
This is atmospheric perspective that not only focuses on the atmosphere but also on the windmill itself. It has very good detail and shows us good use of space.
The detail of this painting is just surreal. Everything in this image has insane amounts of detail from the barrel to the clouds which is just outstanding, making it the perfect example of detail.
Negative space is something most artist try to illistrate, yet sometimes fail to do so, in this case the writing would be the negative space in which the white is eating away at the black slate.
This is a representation of two-Point perspective. Two points over the horizon line reach out to create this one painting.
This shows Size due to the fact that things up front in the painting are larger and get smaller as the painting goes back.
This shows vertical positioning in a way that helps build depth. As the artist stacks the buildings in a vertical way to show it is a hill going upward.
This shows overlapping, the artist does a good job of overlapping the figures in this wall drawing.