In the Eye of the Beholder

Various perspectives and various views.

By using multiple perspectives Giovanni gives this piece a 3 Dimensional affect.
By using a fish eye view the perspective is slightly angled inward to a central point at the top and spread across the bottom this is three point perspective.
I believe this artist uses a 3 pt perspective.
Kahn apparently enjoyed applying multiple angles and perspectives to his pieces.
In this one Kahn uses one point perspective for the stairway and arches.
Degas uses one point perspective for the room itself and two point perspective for many of the objects in the room. I think by doing this the room has diversity and pulls the eye.
Honestly in this one I love the way Giovanni uses the perspective to pull the viewer around the piece being sure not to leave any of it out.
I like this piece because Lee uses two point perspective for the trees.
The one point perspective used in this painting is centrally placed and pulls the eye of the viewer around the town.
I just simply like this piece and think it uses multiple perspectives.
I found this one comical and that the cows body is a one point perspective as a cube.
Each room here is a one point perspective.
Imagine if you could that the back building is a rectangle and from the edges on each side is rectangles coming toward you.
Lee uses one point perspective for the landscape and two point perspective for proper placement of the workers.
This whimsical piece uses two point perspective for the structures, however the different points guide the viewer around the piece.
Credits: All media
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