The End of Paraside - Enrique Cerna

This gallery includes representations of Adam, Eve and the Garden of Eden in various mediums of art. [Paris, France in Background]

In the painting, "The Garden of Eden," one is able to notice the serenity and beauty, which is the reason that is known as Paradise. One can notice the sense of depth in this image by the colors used.
"The Creation of Adam," consists of nothing but its title. God, the man on the right, creates a human based on himself. As the Bible states, Adam was created and "placed" in the Garden of Eden.
In this painting, we see how God created Eve from Adam's rib, as the story in the Bible states. One can notice the animals in the background setting the place of this act, being the Garden of Eden.
The Garden of Eden was also known as Paradise, where Angels, humans, and animals would live together as portrayed in this painting.
This is a crucial scene in the Bible. In this scene, we see Adam and Eve before eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. One knows this is before because Adam and Eve are both innocently naked.
This is another crucial scene of the Bible. One notices the snake in the back and see Eve holding the apple. In this scene, one may be imagining Eve trying to persuade Adam to eat the apple of wisdom.
This here one may infer that Eve has persuaded Adam to eat the apple. One thing one can notice is how all the animals are in the image surrounding these two. Something big is about to happen.
This here is a representation of Adam, the first man in existence. In here, one can notice that Adam realizes that he is in fact naked, gaining this wisdom after eating the apple handed to him.
This here is a representation of Eve, the first woman in existence. In here, one can notice that Eve realizes that she is in fact naked, gaining this wisdom after eating the apple handed to her.
This here is the end of Paradise. Adam and Eve had both validated a rule by their creator, God. In this image, we are able to see a red and scary setting where Adam and Eve are both being sent away.
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