The darker colors in the background contrasted with the red clothing of the person make the person stand out. Additionally, the darker colors versus the white face draw viewers' eyes towards the face.
The dark splotch in the upper left of the piece attracts viewers' eyes because it contrasts with the lighter colors used throughout the rest of the piece.
The darkness on the right portion of the image contrasts with the light on the left portion. It causes the focus of the painting to be upon the woman riding away on the bull.
This painter chooses to make the foreground darker, making viewers look beyond to the light in the background. The contrast between light and dark adds depth via shadows.
The contrast between the white objects and the black background add significance and importance to the objects.
The artist uses shadowing to create depth and contrast in this painting.
The draping of the white cloth around the subject's face almost creates a halo effect. The contrast focuses the viewer on the facial expression of the subject and makes him seem pure and important.
The contrast of the blue and white within the tiles allows for a pattern to be created. The pattern suggests chaotic rhythm.
This quilt showcases not only a contrast between black and color, but also between the different colors used within the stars.
The contrast between the black, white, and red colors create a pattern within the mask. They create a sense of intensity of the face, which is intended to make others feel threatened.
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