artist known in history

This is a gallery if art, each one has a story to show.

This painting is based of the poem "The Bard" by Thomas Gray. Gray illustrates how the sole surviving bard stood on Snowdon and cursed king Edward before threw himself into the Conway river. Benjamin West was inspired to make this poem into a painting.
John Trumbull was experience in the aided-camp contributed to this vivid painting. He depicted key events of the American revolution. In this image British forces overthrew a Spanish siege, setting the Spanish military works into fire, and the Spanish commander is wounded. The Spaniard decided to die with his men. Trumbull displayed his feelings towards the American Revolution through vivid colors
This is a painting of George Washington done by Gilbert Stuart. George Washington is in a setting of an office there is a table with a red table cloth not is not neatly set on the table. On the table there is quill pen, it seems as if he had been writing. Washington is standing with a sword on one hand and it looks as if he was demonstrating something with his other hand. In the background there is a view the curtain isn't fully covering the scene.
In this art piece created by Thomas sully there is a man building a shelter. The man is forcefully pushing wood to stand next to others he had already set up. Overall, the painting illustrates that he is working hard to create this shelter as seen in the form.
John Neagle painted a portrait of Patrick Lyon. Lyon chose to have his portrait recall the early years of his career, when he worked as a blacksmith. In the background to the left there is the steeple of Philadelphia's Walnut Street jail. It represents Lyons's imprisonment after being falsely accused of theft by near by merchants.
In the canvas is a landscape looking toward sellers hall from mill bank by Charles Willson Peale. It was created in 1813-1823. It's a very green and shows an outdoor nature. There's trees, water, the sky, clouds and grass.
This is a circular panoramic view of the Versailles that was painted in Kingston, New York and New York City between 1818-1819. John Vanderlyn originally intended to display the Rotunda at the northeast corner of City Hall Park in New York. But, it was not as successful as he has planned.
This painted represents the story of Elijah from the Old Testament's Book of Kings. Elijah was sent by God into the desert, where he was kept alive by ravens who brought him food. Allston displayed Elijah's mood and meaning in the landscape. As seen by the vivd colors and gritty texture. Elijah is barley distinguished from the landscape by the color of his clothing and his position.
This is a self-portrait of the artist himself, Samuel F.B. Morse. The painting displays what he enjoys doing which is to paint. His position is focused the the viewer and not his paint, where his hands are. The colors white, blue, brown,yellow, black and red all blend into this photo. The color of his skin, background,paints are all similar color but are still depicted. Overall, the he intended to show himself and his passion towards painting.
This is a painting of George Washington the time when he was elected as president. There are dark colors display the stress he was in when he was in office. His face was very serious and his clothes are presentable.
James Peale created a still life with fruit. Fruits in this images are pears, peaches, grapes and an apple each fruit has a stem on it. The colors of the fruit are bright as the background is dark and that is why they stand out. Forms and shapes are found in the fruit such as spheres, lines, and patterns.
This is a canvas done by Raphaelle Peale where he displays still life oranges. The fruit set on this table have forms of coherence and balanced composition. The pealed orange is a visual pun of his last name.
This a portrait of Nancy Aersten this was done by water paint. This is a style of miniature painting which in this time was popular for women because it focused on their head and shoulders. “Nancy Aertsen” is a naturalism. Peale places the sitter in a simple background to make them stand out.
This a painting by Charles Bird King of a Native American. The color scheme of the painting makes the person stand out especially because the the white background.The pale red,green,blue,black,brown all work together and have a good scheme.
In this painting Carter's tavern at the head of Lake George. Mostly everything is green and it's very natural. The setting gives a feeling of freedom and adventure because there is the river of boats and the landscape the green of trees and grass.
This the Virginia landscape by Joshua J.Shaw. In this painting we seen the wilderness, the green mountain in the background the trees and we see the green water and a bark coming up from the ground.
In this painting the artist choose a spring like color scheme. The birds on the green plant stand out because of their blue,yellow and black color. The flowers on the stem also stand out because of the pink color. Overall, this art piece has a spring like setting to it.
This is a painting by John G. Warnicke of a pigeon and blue- mountain Warbler. The birds together have a great colors that all together make a good color pattern. The pigeon on the wood and and blue- mountain birds are carrying a small branch with leaves on it. The two birds are facing opposite of the pigeon.
This is a portrait of Anne Ange Houdon by Jean Antoine Houdon. She is in a grayish statue form looking at a distance from head to shoulders. The artist and the girl are related to one another both had the same last name.
Amerigo Vespucci (Americus Vespucius) by Giuseppe Ceracchi. A portrait of Amerigo Vespucci in statue form in white, he is an elderly man and the portrait portrays it in the wrinkles and his form. The portrait is from head to shoulders.
In this art by William Rush is a child carved in a seated position wrapped in a cloak. The setting is winter. The child wraps the cloak below the neck with crossed arms; curly hairs are slightly shown. The statue is gold and has some cracks.