This gallery includes representations of important characters in the bible. This gallery will include characters such as Jesus Christ, The Aunniciatory Angel and Virgin Mary, in paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art.

This artwork depicts jesus christ and Santa Caterina. This shows Santa Caterina kissing jesus as he is sitting in a chair on a cloud. Jesus is smiling while embracing Caterina and welcoming her.
This picture depicts infant jesus and St. John. St. John is kneeling next to baby jesus and it looks as if they are engaged in conversation. Jesus is sitting on a rock holding on to the holy cross.
This picture depicts Mary the mother of jesus and the baby jesus himself. In the picture Mary is looking down at baby Jesus and smiling while Baby Jesus is looking up at his mother with open arms.
This picture depicts fallen angels AKA demons. In this picture the fallen angels are falling form the sky due to being rebellious. An obedient angel is running above them making sure the job is done.
This is artworks depicts Virgin Mary and baby jesus sitting on a thrown. Beneath them are two musicians. One musician is playing a bowed instrument while the other is playing a flute. Jesus is smiling
This piece of artwork depicts Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. Baby Jesus is standing on top of jesus's lap. Virgin Mary is sitting on a golden throne with her long beautiful dress flowing to the floor.
St. Joseph and the child jesus are walking the earth while angles above them are point down and watching over them making sure that they are okay. St Joseph and jesus are holding hand and talking.
This piece of artwork is made of of gold and looks to be apart of an arch. In the center of the arch there is a painting of jesus christ himself holding the bible open in one hand. Jesus's other had is closed as a gesture to telling everyone to read the bible
This artwork show's a guardian angel than is grabbing an infants hand. The guardian angel is guiding the infant back to safety. The infant is looking up at the angel with a confused faced.
The Annunciatory Angel is the Angnel that told Virgin Mary that she was going to conceive baby jesus. In this Picture the angel is holding it's index finger to it's lips as a sign of informing the other person to be quiet.
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