Unusual Nudes

Most nudes that we've looked at in class and in many other art course, they are of reclining beautiful women. This collection consists of nudes that challenge the traditional ways of how the subjects are portrayed.

(The asterisks represent the word "nude", google art projects automatically changes the word.)

We are not certain towhat the female is reclining on and her position gives us only a view of the front half of her body. The way her legs are crosses directs your eyes towards her genitals that is covered by a sheet. The sheet also divides her body into two sections and they are viewed separately instead of one.
Godfrey's artwork is more composed and precise than most nude works. The work was based on the golden section and mathematics, which results in a cubist layout; the rectangles, squares and small shapes of color. The model's gender can not be identified immediately and the body's anatomy is jumbled. The face of the model is profile, the torso seems to viewed from the back and the legs are crossed forward. 
The heavy strokes of the charcoal and crayon allowed Eakins to show the model's presence and weight in the work. The model is masked which is not typical for a traditional nude, where this model wanted to remain unknown. 
The "Standing Women" is voluptuous, curvy and on the heavier side of weight. But the bronze sculpture seems to be the suggesting the opposite. The female's toes are pointed down and her body's position gives an illusion of being buoyant and lightweight.
The male is seated in an empty space, which most nudes are against furniture or backdrop. The muscles of the male are rigid and well defined; it may represent the strength and power of a male. The eyes, nipple and genitals are an intense red, which are very sensual parts of the male body.
Paintings of woman and men that are fully developed are the main subjects of ****s. The study of a young little girl **** is something that is rarely done. When you think of Van Gogh's work, bright hues and complementary colors fill the canvas. In this work , the details of the girl's body are limited and created with neutral and gray tones.
This work can not be ignored with its bold color and composition. The model seems to be intentionally posing for the artist and is sitting in a chair instead of reclining on the bed in the background. The pink hue against the model allows her to jump out more towards the audience. Her lips and nipples are red drawing more attention to them; her genitals are covered by her green thigh. The model is also not a typical women that many would find beautiful. She is haggard, old and has fuller body shaped than a young model. 
Opie's artwork does not follow the traditional guidelines of a nude, but being seen in your undergarments is something private. The female is still bearing skin and no main articles of clothing are worn. The position of the female's body still creates a sense of sensuality and attraction.
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