Abstract Street Art

With abstract art being a new way of painting it is still all over the streets! Abstract has become so popular that artists from all over the place are getting into it. It's that weird misshaped and spur of colors that people are enjoying. Some people see it and others master it. Take a look at our collections of art from all over the world! 

The two strongest elements of design in this abstract are color and shape. By using these the artist was able to create what looks like a flower. Notice that there aren't any curves or random lines. The shapes are placed and overlapped together in order to form the image. To make it look even better, each shape has its own color and shade. There are no two similar colors touching each other.
This piece looks very two dimensional until you zoom in. Its hard to tell wether the light and dark colors are trying to resemble shaded 3D images or different pieces of the overall picture. The entire image as a whole looks like a paddle boat with an animal head. As you zoom in you can see that they are built up from tons of different shapes. The scale of the image is so large and easily seen once you see the size of the windows. Scale was also used to determine the sizes of the shapes to connect together and to form the overall look.
At first this image just looks like a complete two dimensional mess. After looking deeper you can clearly see the use of space and form. Starting with the easiest thing to tell is the salmon colored circle. By following the ovals the circle pops out as a sphere. The buildings in the back ground resemble a very large city and the smoky colored clouds combined with the cloudy blue colors show that its the sky being covered in smoke. With the title being "Futura" one wouldn't be too far off to think it would resemble our very dark and poisonous future.
By using form and shape there is a great use of the principle of unity. All of the shapes are combined so nicely together to form this abstract piece. One would see a man facing to the right side. Others may see many faces or doorways or windows or openings of different kinds.. The very interesting fact thought is that there are many 2D shapes put together in unison to make a weird three dimensional image. The coolest detail and most important one that I would like to bring out in this image is the use of shading. Although the shading is not used normally, the shapes still create a perfect 3D look.
This painting looks like a crystal. A lot of abstract street art tends to have a lot of shapes. The reason I consider this abstract is because you either can't see what it is or it isn't actually anything in the first place. One of the most 3D looking shapes is the cylinder that is popping out from the top left corner. The line principle is used in this cylinder. As you can see the lines from the face of the circle are not parallel. They lean in to each other creating a vanishing point behind the overlapping triangle. This makes the cylinder look as if it is coming out of the wall.
Translated from spanish the title of this image is "Something similar to what people have inside." After looking into this image I couldn't find any physical organ or anything. There is a good chance the artist was describing something a little more visionary. With all of the scattered shapes and colors it could mean an emotional feeling of being lost or the butterfly feeling of love. Everything is looking very random and scattered so there is a good chance it is something not very sophisticated or natural. I would say it is a very non-objective design principle use. Everything is painted together but doesn't exactly work together.
I wanted to try and see if the image was supposed to represent anything so when I zoomed in it looked like a building built out of different shapes. Although it was very misshapen I could still tell how it was all held together. Yet when zooming back out it almost looks like it is supposed to resemble gear inside the building itself as if it were a machine. Space was definitely used here because you can see a clear difference in the area between the 3D shapes as opposed to the shapes that are darker to depict the shade or other side of each 3D shape. You don't have to look hard to have this image pop out at you.
This is an abstract art I chose to show that there are pieces of abstract art that doesn't have to make any sense. The biggest use of design principles here is color. There is splattered color all over the place and a TV in the corner. I actually like it. One would say it makes them feel happy and excited. Imagine some one blind who can now see is throwing colors all over the place because they just can't get enough of life.
The language used here is Polish. It translates: "Time Pearl Us." Assuringly this is the name to a band. The image looks like a bunch of organs all thrown together. We are definitely seeing space and shape used. You can see the veins and brains looking very 3D and popping out of the wall. The shading behind the writing gives the letters a very bloody and dripping look. I chose this image because you can see that anything is able to be used as abstract art. What I enjoyed about this image were all of the organs all squashed together. There are also very nice color shades of red to really pop to the eye. The image also shows that they are more than likely a hard core metal band given all of the dreadful and horrific imagery.
The first thing that catches your eyes are the eyes. Once you look in further you see key boards and symbols and a ton of piano keys. This image is clearly the artist reflecting their passion for music. What makes this painting an abstract is the use of different stuff all collaged together. The fact that he left it all in one category helps the theme of the image too.
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