Art project

This piece of artwork uses color with the flowers and the vase also the background. This piece also uses texture with the flower detail. Another element it uses is shape for how the flowers are formed.
This artwork uses form because it has the bottle showing 3d. Also this piece uses color which is black whit and grey. Also this artwork uses texture with the flower inside.
This very cool sculpture uses form because it has a 3d figure shape to it. It also uses color by showing the rainbow pattern it has. Another element it uses it space because is like a star shape to it.
This artwork uses color by coloring the car and zebra with black white grey and red. Also it uses form with showing 3d in the car shape. Also it uses shape by showing it in everything in this image.
This cool looking picture of art uses color with black and white and grey. It uses form with the 3d effect in this image. Another element it uses is value between the different colors. Also space was used because of the different area used.
Credits: All media
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