Texture of the unique

My name is Renae Russell. This is my texture gallery for my art history class.

I choose this piece because you want to feel if it is as smooth as metal. With sharp edges at the bottom, you wonder if this piece can cut as well as amaze.
I want to feel this piece to see if it feels like hardened lava, or rock at the bottom.
With this piece you can almost feel the cool touch of metal before you every touch it. However you wonder if this piece would it be smooth, or would it rough.
This piece is beautiful and so detailed, you can feel all the ripples they jump out at you.
With this piece, you wonder what glass would feel like, smooth, sharp on the ends, would it feel like a lightbulb.
You wonder if you can feel the detail on this ring or if there is a layer over the top.
With this bracelet you feel the cool smoothness that comes from metal, yet wonder if you feel the detail of the artwork.
You can literally feel the smoothness of this locket, without ever touching it.
I wonder if the hog like side of this tureen have sharpened teeth that could actually poke you. The piece looks like smooth metal until you reach the sides.
I wonder if the leather is really butter soft, or is it rough.
You can feel the engraving jump of the page with this ice of art.
The vase itself is smooth to the touch, but what about the handles, how would they feel.
This piece is beautiful and smooth. However if you ,look closely at the globe you will see small cracks. I started to wonder if you ran your hand across the globe, would you feel those cracks.
You know that the metal will be cool. Then you wonder if the metal is smooth, or is it rough. Will the turtle really feel like the rock, will it be smooth rock or rough.
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