I Ear He's Good

Van Gogh was an artist who encompassed the artform commonly known as Expressionism. "I Hear He's Good" looks at works which explore the individual pyshce shared by the atrists as they present the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for an emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas.

Artwork: There is the night sky filled with swirling clouds, stars ablaze with their own luminescence, and a bright crescent moon. Below the rolling hills of the horizon lies a small town and to the left of the painting there is a massive dark structure that develops an even greater sense of size and isolation.
Artist: The painting depicts Van Gogh's bedrrom, at age 2, known as the Yellow House. His connection with the work has made it one of his favourite paintings. he articulated many works so that he could perfect what he saw as a perfect bedroom.
World: this artwork was made in 1885. This was when a huge famine rose through Europe and many people had to survive on pure ratrions of potatoes and other essentials that were easy to acquire.
Audience: This portrait is a series of one of 6 portraits he did for his friends. Van Gogh completed this work on a 15 hour train ride from to Paris and from here it was a phenomenon. it was widely accepted by the world at this time, moving through art gallery to gallery claiming much praise through each one.
Structural: He used a particularly poor grade of board. 2 mm thick, in two layers of hand-pressed and unrefined wood pulp, and with a light priming of pale grey or white colour.
Cultural: the crops in the foreground, the fields above, and the mountains on the high horizon present his panoramic view of the first seasonal harvest of the crops in his region where he lived at the time. this artwork reflects the lives of those of a lower to middle class whom work in the farmlands.
Subjective: through this artwork i see death. I feel an deep empathy towards the work and it presents a reflection, for me, of those who have past through, as i relate, smoking to cancer. personally i do like the work because it does stir emotions and it is something that people of this time would not create a work out of.
Credits: All media
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