rationale behind antigone's motive to bury her brother: incest and influence from parents

This museum exhibit is dedicated to explain why among many of popular reasons for Antigone’s desire to bury his brother such as women’s role, love and necessity of burial, incest is a strong contestant to have been an initial motive of Antigone's will to bury his brother. The rationale behind Antigone’s desire to bury her brother, which ultimately drives the plot forward, is incest between Antigone and Polyneices from the influence of her parents, which accords with Freud’s theory regarding the idea of incest as an initial curiosity prevalent in children and the incestuous influence due to children’s estrangement from their parents. 

This heart represents the horrific forbidden love that should not happen between family.
This picture is Oedipus and his negative influence on his children.
Two guys and two girls just like Oedipus' children. It shows them as innocent growing up.
The little boy is curious in sexuality of his mom at a young age (what Freud states).
Basically showing the progress of love, from young child as the statue to older, but family in this case.
Depicts a possible love relationship between Antigone and Polyneices in the past.
A picture of lovers that could potentially have been Antigone and Polyneices growing up.
A picture depicting the possible love between Antigone and Polyneices and Antigone wanting him, willing to do anything.
A picture depicting Antigone mourning for his brother, wanting to go with him to death.
A dark gloomy picture showing the tragedy and impact overall due to incest initiating it from Oedipus to his children.
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