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This is an art galley of Ancient Egyptian art.

This is an ancient gold ring. This would've been owned by a pharaoh, a noble, or a priest. This was definitely very expensive.
This is a very decorative vessel that a noble may have stored food or wine in. This would've been very hard to make, although he probably didn't make it himself. This was definitely very expensive.
This is a small bust of a scribe writing. Only men were scribes and it was a very well respected job. The scribes also had to learn around 700 heiroglyphics. Now we only have to learn 26 letters, what a relief!
This is a three handled painted vase. A pharaoh or a noble probably owned this. This vase was used for parties or meals.
This is a cheap Ancient Egyptian coffin. It was probably a farmer or a craftperson's coffin. It did not have any gold or jewels on it, like the coffins of pharaohs and nobles.
This is a stone ring that the Egyptian king Ramesses IV wore. It was a very expensive ring. This ring was also buried with Ramesses IV.
This is a carving of a scarab beetle. The beetle represented rebirth in Ancient Egypt. Everybody carried them.
This is a figurine of the Ancient Egyptian god Horus in hawk form. Horus was the god of the earth and he had the head of a hawk. He also appeared as a hawk sometimes.
This is a brilliantly colored decorative cup. It would've been colored with lapis-lazuli. It was probably owned by a noble or a pharaoh.
This is a figurine of a monkey. It is made of lapis-lazuli. This was probably owned by any of the social classes besides farmer, slave, or soldier.
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