Jules Verne's tour "Around the World in 80 Days" led by jacob Gittelman

"To travel is to take a journey into yourself" I chose this quote because as the trip goes on, Philius Fogg slowly comes to realize that he does care about others.

I chose this picture because it is a map of the entire world, which Phillius Fogg traversed over the course of 80 days. This being said, the universal theme of this story is one of travel and adventure.
This picture, titled "Portrait of a Gentleman" represents what Fogg could have looked like. All that was about Fogg's description in the book was that he was a gentleman. http://tinyurl.com/zamrapj
At one point in the book, there is a section of train track in India that hadn't been completed yet, so Fogg purchased an elephant so that he could arrive on time, thus the picture of an elephant. This shoes you the time period that this book took place in though. Long enough ago that airplanes weren't used, or even cars, just trains. Also, in the first sentence of the book it states the year is 1872.
I chose to include this picture because, even though it is a modern photograph, it is still a steam engine like what may have been used in the time of this book. Train was the main way that Fogg traveled on land. I have a text-self connection for this picture. Whenever we go to New York (which isn't often), we have always taken a train which is something that I have always enjoyed.
I chose to include this picture because it is a picture of the Taj Mahal, a major landmark in India, recognizable to almost everyone. I included this picture to represent India because India was where Fogg first showed a caring nature and saved a woman named Auda, and gave the elephant he had bought to the man who guided them through India as a tip.
I included this model of the steamboat Ocklawaha because the only way to get across the ocean back then was by steam boat, so Fogg definitely spent plenty of time in steamboats like this one.
I included this picture of a stopwatch for two reasons. One, it represented how Fogg had to be on time to literally everything or his entire plan would be ruined unless he could somehow make up the time. The second reason is because it represents Fogg's impeccable timing everywhere, from the time he gets to the reform club, to the time he wakes up in the morning.
I included this picture of cupid looking into a mirror because this whole trip was one of self discovery for Fogg. He went from emotionlessly playing cards with the same people at the same time everyday, to saving a woman's life and donating an elephant that cost him a large sum of money.
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