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This one is Ushabti Senkamanisken. This medium is Steatite. The hieroglyphic inscription on this figure is a spell from the Book of the Dead, asking the shabti to do the Nubian king Senkamanisken’s work for him in the afterlife.
This is Shawabti of the Lady of the House Sati. This medium is Faience. It is from Saqqara, Egypt.It is displayed in the Brooklyn Museum in New York City. It is 9 13/16 inches in height (25 cm).
This is the Upper Part of a Statue of King Thutmose 111 (aka King Tut). The medium is Granodiorite. The pharaoh depicted here has been identified as Thutmose III, one of the most important rulers in the history of Ancient Egypt.
This is the Stela of Amenemhat. The medium is Limestone. The four lines of hieroglyphic text at the top of this stela list what every Egyptian wanted in the afterlife: “thousands of portions of cattle, fowl, bread, alabaster, linen, and all kinds of green vegetables.”
This is the Relief Depicting Akenhaten and His Daughter Offering to the Aten. The medium is Limestone, painted. Akhenaten presents a formal bouquet to the Aten, whose rays, ending in tiny hands, stream down before the king.
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