the beauty that has been hidden in human nature

Each piece in these images reveals that humans nature is innocence, care, hope, love, forgiveness, faith and beauty. Humans are not evil or destructive, the situations we get put in are, and sometimes we are forced to act in ways that go against this nature. In the end, however, the beauty and love in human nature will always triumph over destruction.

Human Nature is not to evil or destructive. This photograph shows the innocence of a child. These little girls with flowers in their hair, show peace and innocence, not destruction or evil.
Human Nature is to love and care for others. These characteristics are best shown when we are with our family. Love in human nature could not e explained better than with a mother and her sons.
Love in human nature is born from innocence. A mother nurtures her naked child, showing his innocence. A baby who's loved and who's innocence is nurtured, will reflect the goodness in human nature.
Human Nature includes protecting our own, and acting out when a loved one, or we, are threatened. What others might call evil, might just be protecting our loved ones, or survival instincts.
Humans are not evil, the situations we get put in are the evil. So when we are forced to fight against evil, it is important to remember good will always win. Fight the wolf, to protect the lamb.
Religions, all religions, show that human nature is to have hope and faith. It shows our need to believe that there is something bigger than us, a greater good. It shows a need to believe good wins.
Human nature is to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. It is to recognize and regret our harms. It is giving others second chances, because even when we've been wronged we can't stop loving.
Human Nature is in one of its most beautiful forms when two people are in love. It shows the unity in human nature and the abundance of love. We love so much we feel the need to share that love.
In human nature, the love and beauty that is within us will always outweigh the terrible situations that cross our paths. This beauty is in art, music and in ourselves.
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