Project amp

A gallery full of pieces from different eras that show biodiversity around the world.

Dutch Landscape This is what a dutch landscape used to look like. Now there has been a decrease in its natural capital index due to new agricultural practices, and modernization.
Korea Fall Rice Harvest Rice is one of Koreas most important crop. It used to be their main source of wealth but since the 1990s the production and consumption has been decreasing due to urbanization.
Fountainebleau This is a town 55.5 km south from the center of Paris. Right now its very populated, it has a business school and the chateau. Used to be only the chateau, very scenic
Tahitian Landscape Shows palm trees since Tahiti is located in French Riviera, mostly sunny and warm. Black Pigs were imported there from Great Britian, because they can stand very hot temperatures
Sakura This is the word for Japanese cherry blossoms. This is the traditional flower in Japan, and gladly this year they are also blooming they are even blooming early
Toledo Spain has a variety of ecosystems, this shows the 14% of the Spanish ecosystem which would be forests. This paintings is darker than what it actually looks like but this is because of El Greco's style
Italian Oranges This painting is a representation of spring time coming. Italy is famous for their oranges and they are everywhere! This painting depicts and orange tree which is very typical of the region.
Mexican Muralist Diego Rivera was a Mexican muralist and in this painting, he depicts a mexican landscape full of mountains and very yellowish-green trees and floor.
Mules Skull Georgia O'Keefe was a feminist artist who lived in New Mexico. New Mexico is a very dry and desertic area, thats why O'Keefe depicts animal skulls and pink mountains.
Hudson Valley The Hudson river is a 315 mile river that flows from north to south through eastern New York. This landscape shows a scene of the sun going through the horizon from the river. It shows the river along the horizon and mountains filled with trees that are known as dawn redwoods, london plane, honey locust, and Burr Oaks. Today, there are about 1700 trees along the Hudson River!
“A static hour, a marker in time that shaped a person or planet. An hour that has importance and is significant in our own or collective history". Maxwell’s work relies heavily on reclaiming, salvaging and transforming materials and is predominantly directed by the materials at hand mostly Tasmanian hard wood and minor species. He seeks to reinvent the material and is fascinated with the history and stories the materials and objects offer.
Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava tubes is a world heritage site in South Korea. Currently you can take a tour of the lava tubes. The Rape flower produces the rapeseed oil which is one of the oldest type of vegetable oil in the world.