2D and 3D texture in kimonos

This painting shows many shading details in the folds of the fabric.
With the two figures in front in particular, there are obvious patterns to the outfits but an absence of 'curving' or 'ruffling' of the material.
The pattern not his kimono is not very prominent but the shading of the material that is gathered around the subject's feet gives a solid 3D illusion.
The coloring on this image is very flat and 2D but the patterns on the clothing do bend and move over the figure to a degree wherein the pattern is 'altered.'
The patterns in this more 2D image have nice color contrast and there is some show of material movement. However the folds do not necessarily show atomically correct distribution.
This image shows movement of material wight he form though not much detail on the subject.
The patterns themselves show the form of the subject rather than any shading detail showing flow of fabric.
The near profile stance of the subject does not show much movement in the kimono; rather, the patterns and sharp details give the material a realistic look.
This image gives no illusion of realness in the texture of the clothing but the pattern does bend with perceived wrinkles along the cloth.
This image holds more detail in the pattern flow along the material than any shading depth for realism in texture.
The shading and detail to the material over the subject form almost give off the look of a touchable textile. The colors themselves are just surreal enough to break the effect from being photographic.
The up close detail in this portrait shows not only the folds in the material and the pattern being with it but correct shading to give the feel of 'reach out and touch it' fabric.
The detail into the pattern, and more importantly the lighter colored obi tied around the subject's middle give a realistic feel to the outfit texture; despite the dark material making fold details difficult.
This image is completely 2D with no shading and a minimal pattern. There is no representation of fabric texture.
The outer kimono and striped obi are flat and give no 3D feel but the high detail of the flowery inner kimono bends more like proper fabric.
The image is very flat. There is no feel of texture in the white kimono but the brilliantly colored obi is beautifully shaded, giving off a texture feel.