The Masterpieces of Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir is a well known French painter from the Impressionists era.  He wasn't popular until six of his painting were shown in the first Impressionists exibition of 1874.  After that people started to recognize Renoir as a distinguished artists.  He is most famous for his landscapes, and portraits.  Renoir had a special gift of blending his subjects with their surroundings. His distinct use of color and lighting still makes him a famous artists today. 

La Grenouillere, or French for pond, depicts Parisians on a hot summer day. Renoir uses lighting to depict the water of the pond. His use of color is magnificent and draws us into the painting.
In this oil painting, Renoir paints a portrait of Mme Geroges. His use of brush strokes help to create intricate details showing the period of time that she lived in.
Renoir spent a lot of his time painting landscapes. Fog on Guernesy, depicts his vivid use of colors mixed with larger brush strokes in the distance, and more intricate strokes in the water and land.
In this painting of an Algerian festival, Renoir captures the happiness of this painting by focusing on the center, we can see a band playing. He uses the building in the distance to represent culture.
Renoir paints a portrait of Claude Monet.When one first glimpses they can see the lighting on his face, and fades as it goes through his clothes. The dark light towards the bottom makes it hard to see the paintbrush and art palette in his hands.
This painting takes place on a terrace of a local restaurant. The shrubbery in the background covers boats on the River of Seine. I like how he used vivid colors on the sisters and lighter colors on the river.
La Promenade features a mother and her two children taking a walk in the park. Renoir draws our attention to the people in the park. He mutes background like the trees, the path, and the sky.
This painting a favorite among Renoir's works. I chose this piece because he didn't miss any detail. The colors are vibrant and bring out the girl's face. His use of intricate details, we can imagine being in the garden.
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