One point perspective

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work- kaleigh roberson

The foreground is showed by the writing on each wall in the front. The middleground is the doorways, and the background is the end of the hallway.
Foreground ist the widest part in the road, cloest to the viewer. Middleground is people riding bikes and driving cars.Background is narrowest point in road, furthest from viewer.
The foreground is the pole with writing on it. The middleground is the green and yellow bus. The background is the building past the bus.
Foreground is the floor closest to the viewer. Middleground is the pictures hanging from the wall. Background is the door with the light above it.
Foreground is the front two buildings and people. Middle ground is the boat and people further away. Background is the sky, buildings, boats, and people further down the canal.
Foreground is the dog and the food Middle ground is the people and the cat Background is the open door with the sky showing through
the fourground is where all the stairs begin in the front of the painting. The middleground is where the last stair stars. The background is the rest of the winding stairs all the way back until you cant really see the stairs anymore
The foreground is where the shadow is where the floor is up lifted. The middle ground is the last couple doors on the walls. The background is where the hallway curves and you can not see it anymore
The foreground is the first town home and the beginning of the sidewalk.The middle ground is the rest of the houses. The background is the bridge and the little building in the back of the painting.
The foreground is where the people are in the very front of the painting. The middle ground is where the one lady is one the right by the table. The background is where the back wall is and the farthest people are standing
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