Indy's art of Symmetry

I chose this candlestick because it is has perfect vertical symmetry. Cut in half from any angle vertically both sides of the candlestick would be exactly the same.
I chose the Altar of St. John because in all three of the works the arches are symmetrical except for the statues on them.
I chose Anthony and Cleopatra because it has a lot of symmetry in it, though it is not perfectly symmetrical. The bushes with the two children on either side represent symmetry along with the golden arches and architecture.
I chose the Cholmondeley Ladies because it has many symmetrical properties. The work is symmetrical in the sense that much of right side of the painting is proportionally the same as the left side with some minor differences.
I chose the Architectural Veduta because the building closest to the front of the painting is perfectly symmetrical. The arches, pillars, patters on the ceiling and floor, and the lines leading away from the building on the ground are perfectly symmetrical.
I chose the Wings of the Wurzack Altar because the building the people are sitting in is perfectly symmetrical. Also the people are positioned so that there is they are symmetrical with six on each side and the one woman split down the middle.
I chose Piedra del Sol because split down the middle it is very much symmetrical other than a few of the symbols. Many parts of it are symmetrical 360 degrees around such as the triangles pointing outwards.
I chose the Mosaic floor because it uses symmetry in all of its designs and patterns. Though the figures are not necessarily completely symmetrical they are all positioned so that they are similar to the people across from them.
I chose the Maesta ofSanta Trinita because all of the people are set symmetrically on each side of the painting facing the same and opposite directions. Also all of the architecture is symmetrical mirroring itself on earthier side.
I chose the Meeting of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba because all of the architecture is perfectly symmetrical. Also, while not perfect, the amount of people on each side of the building is set up symbolically to show that both groups have a similar amount of people.
I chose the painting Madonna in Throne with Saints because it is set up very symmetrically having the the amount of people and the designs of the architecture mirror each other.
I chose the Meeting of the Theologians because all of the designs and layout of the background are very much symmetrical. All of the people in the painting are also placed so that the are somewhat symmetrical compared to the person standing opposite them.
I chose the Virgin of Guadalupe because the mirror like objects are symmetrical in all four corners. Also the four babies are set up so that they are somewhat of a symmetrical positioning from one another.
I chose this Last supper because all of the people around the table are relatively symmetrical from one another when the paining is split down the middle. Many of the other parts of the work are also symmetrical such as the floor tiles and the benches.
I chose the Saviour made Without Hands because so much of the painting is built on symmetry save a few details like the bent piece of wood on the cross.The angle like figure and all of the designs are symmetrical to the one opposite when the painting is split dow the middle.