A touch of the Stars- Juliana Blackburn

This gallery showcases artwork with an abstract view of space and its contents. The art in this gallery uses different mediums such as paintings of oil on canvas as well as photography. The paintings and photos shown here express the many different colors and textures throughout space and our Universe. 

LandscapeD shows a view of the sky above through a fish eye lens. The vibrant blues and clear but soft whites show a beautiful day, while the city so small surrounds the edge. This shows a view of how small our lives can be in comparison to everything beyond the skies.
The Moon is a great display of the use of texture while painting. The use of brush strokes help to express the rough texture of the moon itself. The usage of color and shading works well to portray the many craters upon its surface also giving it an appearance of depth.
Earthrise, is a powerful photograph that was taken by the first men to orbit the moon. This photograph is not only impactful for its history, but its view. The shot of the earth rising from the darkness above the surface of the moon displaying its shades of blue and green being shielded by streaks of white clouds. The Earth is suspended in its black sky while the glowing moon beneath it gave the image its depth.
The Wandering Planet uses vibrant colors and textures. This painting has depth with the shadowed planet at the bottom of the painting to what appears to be a moon with a sun behind it and stars throughout the entire painting giving it an appearance of sparkling stars among a black sky.
The Unknown Planet 3 shows many colors and shapes floating among a black sky. Some telescopes used to look at space will display planets, stars and even some satellites much like the shapes and colors used above. This expression in the amount of shapes to me expresses the amount of planets and stars throughout our skies.
Another Planet uses vibrant reds and deep tones of grey and black. This artwork also uses different textures to give it the depth and rough surface for which it portrays. This piece to me shows a planet that may have been forgotten about but one that has raw and maybe dangerous beauty.
This depiction of the Universe uses bright colors and an elegant use of the idea for stars. This image shows what looks to be stars and hidden near the bottom of the image is a planet hidden among the sea of stars and gases. A planet of massive size appears to be at the center of this photo with the sparkling sky surrounding it.
This painting using many colors and textures shows a sacred sight where your boys were taken to. It was said that a man sought to marry a set of sisters, and to escape that outcome, they ascended into the sky burning like fire into the night. This painting shows glowing stars above with rolling hills below expressing a good use of texture, balance and color.
This piece of art is a beautiful representation of our earth and sun a float in our universe surrounded by glittering stars and gentle colors. The papers and paints for which she uses helps to define her abstract point of view and expression of texture. Her use of color and even the lack there of gives this image depth.
This photograph is a black and white image of our first steps on the moon, one of our most historical moments in history. The black and white image shows the different texture of the ground for which he stood while the shadows help to show proportion of his surroundings on the moons surface.
This painting showcases a use of bright and subtle colors and textures showing the light of the sun rising behind earth. The painting is not very focus but more vague to allow the on looker to draw their full conclusion of the beautiful colors and textures chosen. This painting could be from the ground of Earth itself, or even from space merely orbiting behind earth as the sun rises above its surface.
Credits: All media
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