Elements: Color

Hues help to tell the story.

Cool colors emphasize the tropical nature of the painting.
Warm colors stand in contrast to the cool colored background.
Secondary Colors: Orange, Green and Purple.
Monochromatic: All the values of the same hue bringing harmony.
Orange and blue are the complementary colors which create stark contrast. The green provides softness to that contrast because it's analogous to blue.
Analogous Colors: Hues that lie adjacent together on the color wheel. (Yellow,Green, Blue, Purple)
Secondary Colors: Orange, Green, Purple.
Monochromatic Blue: multiple values of blue working together.
Primary Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow emphasize the sharp outlines of the geometric shapes. Black and White aid in the stark contrast between color blocking.
Complimentary colors: Blue and Orange provide a distinct boarder between the earthen dessert and water in this description of the hebrew people fleeing Pharaoh's army.
Credits: All media
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