Barbie vs G.i.  Joe

An art exhibit about the roles women and men play in our society. A look at Antigone and Frued's theories through art. Barbie and GI Joe are dolls that we in society give to our children. Barbie is expected to stay at home, cook, clean and go shopping. While GI Joe is expected to fight for his country. He is strong, respected and smart. Why is it that women are expected to be less than men? 

Antigone at a young age. Very much curious and getting in tot things she is not suppose to.
Ismene, not so independent. Just doing what she is told. She doesn't have control what she does it is all up to the man.
Antigone now. She knows who she is but there is the battle of "what should I do" and "what I have to do".
Freud the know it all. It is either his way or the highway. Is he sure his way is absolute?
Freud's theory in art, Penis Envy.
The portrait is of a man, but this man does have some feminine features. What if Antigone was alive during Freud's time? Would she stand up for herself as a woman or dress up like a man?
Women today. Even though we feel that we have equal rights and that we can stand on our own two feet there is always going to be a man lurking around waiting to approve of actions.
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