Christine Pifer

This piece was chosen as an example of darker blues being used on white to create sharp imagery.
This piece is an example of intense, vibrant blue color being used in glass, in conjecture with clear glass, to create distinct patterns.
Another, older example of blue glass, this piece focuses less on contrasting colors and more on gradients.
A more modern example of blue glass, this piece has the blue as the surrounding color rather than the focus. The intensity is most evident at the base.
This drawing features intense blue colors supplemented by muted hues of other tones, creating a complex design with clearly distinguishable components.
A very old piece, this chalice shows blue hues in use again, this time in the turquoise range.
Though it shares a similar range of hues with the previous piece, this vase is much more modern, and the materials used create a different feel.
Another example of blues on pottery, this plate use more vibrant hues to create its pictures.
This glass chandelier features blues complimenting whites, as though the white was springing forth from the blue.
This painting shows a focus on blue hues, as well as grays and blacks that are also tinged with blueish tones.
This painting is almost completely comprised of blue tones of varying degrees, with each particular hue designating a different part of the landscape.
Another example of Chinese pottery, this flask has fewer white areas and is almost entirely of the same blue in differing shades.
This clay dish appears to be shedding its blue colors, exposing the more natural tones beneath.
This piece uses blue parts of all the same shade and relies on lighting and shadows to produce different hues.
This last piece feature blue overlaying clear glass, in a fairly contemporary example of blue in glass. The color remains vibrant.
Credits: All media
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