Immortalized men of the Roman Empire - Robert MAck

Representations of roman Caesars/Emperors in the form of sculptures. My gallery consists of several images of sculptures of Rome's many Caesars/Emperors. During the Roman empire having a buss of yourself was a way of forever immortalizing a person. At the time there was no one more loved, more feared, more respected and also more hated than a caesar. But their faces are some of the most well known sculptures from the time.

Depicted is a Standing sculpture of Julius Caesar. It is a good example of the skills that roman artist developed to illustrate real detail with their pieces. It shows the softness of the Caesars skin and the detail and ruggedness of the his armor. As well as the strength and confidence in his facial expression.
Here is a Sculpted portrait of Julius Caesar. It has an unfinished look to it. Soulless eyes and blank expression gives the sculpture an immortal feel. Portrays Caesar as god like.
Here is a Statue of Julius Caesar. This statue shows Caesar in a pose that makes me think of someone trying to motivate people. Holding what looks like a scroll it seems like Caesar was giving a speech to rally the people. Once again the detail separates the flesh from armor and cloth so well. Skin looks like soft skin, metal looks like metal even though its all stone
A sculpture of Caesars buss. Here is a sculpture that once again makes Caesar seem God like. The yellow eyes and stern expression on his face gives him a cold yet powerful feel. He almost looks evil maybe a depiction of him if Caesar went to Hades after his death.
Here is a sculpture of Augustus Caesars head. This head is shows the youth of Augustus Caesar versus Julius. The younger and softer features as well as there being no wrinkles on his face. Still lifeless eyes like the Julius head also makes me think theses heads are the pieces they used to immortalize the leaders. Sculptures that are done after death.
Here we have a small standing statue of Augustus Caesar. Just like the Julius sculpture we see a lot of detail and focal attention being drawn to the armor of Augustus. Also he's in a pose that depicts him speaking to the people. The pose makes me think he's trying to calm his troops, the position of his hand is almost saying, "settle down".
Here is another portrait of Augustus that shows is youth and less stern look than Julius. Augustus seems to have had a more relaxed demeanor than Julius. Roman artist was very skilled at making these stone sculptures skin seem so soft and life like. You can really see the age of a person in their skin. I think that is a really tough skill.
Here is a head portrait of Caligula Caesar. Unlike the previous two Caesars Caligula's facial expression seems a little angry rather than confident and focused. The way his eyebrows twist inwards shows a much different character than Julius and Augustus. He was also younger than Julius which you can tell by how smooth and wrinkle free his skin is.
Here is another portrait of Caligula Caesar. Once again Caligula's facial expression differs from his predecessors. He seems to have a menacing and evil expression on his face. Not the regal look of the two before him. Knowing the history of his rule it illustrates what the artist that created the piece may have felt about him.
Here is a standing sculpture of Caligula Caesar. This sculpture really shows how young Caligula was when he became the leader look at how big his robe looks on his figure and how youthful the details of his face are. IN this piece he actually has an innocent expression on his face leading me to believe it is from early in his reign.
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