Baroque: Lighting

The lighting in this artwork helps portray the emotion and feeling of the art, the feeling of sadness and defeat.
The lighting help gives off the feeling of being lost in thought, it sets the mood beautifully.
The light is radiating from the baby, signifying that it is the main piece in this artwork. The light bounces onto the faces of the family, giving a feeling of warmth and love.
The angel is the brighter of the two, signifying his high status/importance in the scene. In this case, he is rescuing St. Peter.
The lighting focuses more on the woman in all white, the baby holding the crown, and the woman in red holding the baby. It shows the level of importance amongst the characters in the scene.
The lighting gives off a warm, welcoming feeling. Everyone in the scene is holding some type of instrument.
The lighting portrays a dark, sinister mood set. In the artwork, a woman is seen decapitating a man in his sleep.
The way the light hits the figures from above, it gives off a feeling of dominance and superiority. The warrior standing over the other is prepared to end it all with his knife
The light floods into the shocked woman's room. It could be something unearthly on the other side of the window that has scared the woman.
The light focuses on the two men in the front, showing their importance among everyone else. The way the light falls off in the background gives off a more serious mood set.
The lighting gives off a feeling of uneasiness or something underhanded. The woman standing seems to be telling the woman sitting down something of grave importance.
The lighting in this artwork helps bring out the feeling of hopelessness and/or depression by the way it envelops the woman, lighting only one side of her face and not showing her entire silhouette.
The lighting in this artwork helps give off the feeling of anticipation, angst, and drama. The angel is trying to reason with the man to not kill Isaac. Will the man listen?
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