Lasting Lines 

Ways of describing lines.

I chose this painting because the lines show an unfinished look to it. The man shows a confused emotion that makes you wonder what he is thinking.
This image has a bunch of sharp lines that shows boldness and anger.
This is my favorite painting of all. The lines on the man's hands are showing a used/strong look. The the creases on the clothes are really defined.
The bold lines in this images show shadow and blur. If you notice the person on the far left, The lines are less defined showing distance.
This image is just funny. The curves in the lines from the guy getting kicked by the horse show the binds.
I like how the artist shows motion with the lines of the lady dancing in the back of the image.
The city a lot of curves in the lines, maybe meaning that city was not yet awake and is a soft feeling.
The lines of this person are really sharp showing boldness and power.
This guy looks like he was painted fast based on the lines. I also seems like the artist wanted to show anger or unknowing.
All the lines in this image are soft and flowing. It artist was maybe trying to point out the person's personality.
The man is painted with sad lines that show he was maybe stood up on a date or got turned down.
The lines around this man are different from the lines on his face. It kinda seems like it shows light in the face, maybe to draw the attention toward his face.
The lines are very smooth showing projecting sad feeling.
The fat lines in this painting are smooth like it the sun was going down of raising.
I really like this image because it almost looks like the horse is smiling. The rope on the horse's neck looks like it was broken as if the horse escaped and now came back.
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