9th amendment current                     event 

    By: Kelly Anderson and KT Wirth                   

This picture shows women and how they have a choice. A choice between having a child or to abort. This is the woman's decision and no one else's. The woman on the left may be rethinking her decision.
my article is about same sex marriage. this photo can represent that in a few ways. their faces are covered. so if you just saw the faces of the people without the bottom portion of the picture, you wouldnt know if they were male or female
This picture shows the 9th amendment because there is people that are above others. people may think they have more rights than others. they may put themselves above others and make their own rights and think its ok.
This picture represents when the peoples rights go bad. When people want their rights badly, they will go to the extent of war. These wars cause death to many people.
This shows how the amendment is good. It shows it because no matter what your race is, or what your social status is, you still have rights. We should all have equal rights.
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