Color in the Night

By Brittney Gullett

Van Gogh is my favorite artist to use color. His colors here are meaningful, simple and complimentary. Blue and green, and he needs nothing more!
This is my favorite painting of all time which inspired the name of this collection. Van Gogh was able to use bright colors in balance to project something as dark as night.
Edvard Munch was able to use a variety of colors while still giving everything a purpose. No color is out of place, or unneeded.
This piece shows different shades of colors to reflect dark and light. The colors themselves are beautiful making your eye draw to the piece immediately.
Van Gogh used complimentary colors sticking to different tints of orange and blue. This makes his beard really stand out from the background.
Van Gogh used three colors and all in different tints. I love how you can see the darkness rolling in on the right side.
Here is another artist who used colors in a night painting. They did a great job of highlighting the sky with different hues and tints of blue.
Van Gogh does a great job of keeping his paintings interesting without having a big color pallet.
The dark blue sky is what caught my eye in this piece.
Van Gogh again has a small color palette and uses color to show a night sky. Everything looks as the same two colors but you can see his strokes to depict the sky from the water.
So much color in a painting of the night! The city lights are what makes this picture so pretty, and notice how the horizon is centered in the picture.
Van Gogh twists it up bit with a lime green sky. He uses so much yellow and blue.
I love the bright colors here in the center with the yellow and light blue. This painting makes me wonder why there is two light blue spots in the sky.
This piece might not be realistic, but it's interesting because the colors are unrealistic.
This rustic looking piece is soft, rocking only one color!