Affective Perspective

This gallery visually describes how perspective changes one's view and makes drawings or paintings seem realistic. 

Perspective gives this work of art the illusion of 3D. The stairs seem to be coming out of the canvas and into our world.
This piece is brought to life through one point perspective. The stairs are all coming from one point (vanishing point) in the horizon line.
This artwork gives the illusion of a one way option. The viewers eyes can see that the road leads to a faint vanishing point in the distance. This is due to perspective.
This artwork gives off the impression of being in a long hallway. It shows only one path in a realistic form. The shades in this piece help elongate the length of the hallway.
This one is a bit more complex, it shows off two points of view. On one side you have the wall closest to the viewer, and on the other hand you have the wall that appears to extend towards the back.
This building also shows off two different view points. The first and side of the building. This creates perspective, the illusion of a path in between the two buildings.
This two point perspective art generates a three dimensional view. The objects closest to the viewer are much larger than those in the background.
In this piece the perspective created by the artist stimulates a long path. It is meant to represent a realistic building that has yet to be built.
The artists interpretation of perspective in this piece creates the illusion of a giant room. The small furniture also suggests this, especially compared to the door in the art.
This artwork shows perspective by deceiving the viewer into thinking there are walls or other rooms behind the openings of the church walls.
As the viewer looks further into the art, the object gets smaller, as they would if someone were viewing it in real life. This produces a realistic work of art.
I chose this painting because it is one point perspective with 2 demonstrations, this has 2 arches and you can see the deepness of the perspective.
Even though it has columns in front of the perspective, the deepness is visible throughout the background.
This painting shows perspective by having all the arches lead to the vanishing point in the background. It makes the hall seem long, as if the viewer were walking through it.
This work of art shows both sides of the building. This is considered a two point perspective piece because of it. It gives the building a three dimensional effect.
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