Universal Interpretations

A collection of artworks which give insight into the perception of our earth and what lies beyond it. The exhibition 'Universal Interpretations' includes any artwork about or relating to the universe in any such form; some may not be seen as a representation of part of the universe but in my eyes they are all displaying a subject of the universe. The chosen artworks all have some relation to the universe, depending on how they are read. They flow from warm, busy pieces to cooler and darker works throughout the exhibition. In this collection there are an array of structural, subjective, cultural and post-modern frames that work together to create a calm yet meaningful exhibit. The years the artworks were made have a large range from 1889 - 2014, therefore having a selection that have different takes on the subject as these people would've been from different generations displaying the way thinking has evolved as well as techniques, mediums and definitions of art. Through my personal interest in both art and astronomy this exhibition displays that astronomy can be strongly complemented by paintings, photography, installations and many other forms of art. The two subjects tied together in a harmony and beauty that will keep you interested and stunned, so enjoy your wonder through another world guaranteed to keep you entertained.

"Power of The Universe" strongly evidences the 'Subjective Frame'. Through the mood and emotion that the colours express to the audience an invitation to interpret the message.
In the artworks LandscapeN and LandscapeD by Zu, Doyang the Photographs taken look as if they have been used with a fisheye lens looking up at the day and night sky. They belong with a series of other fisheye photographs. The use of a fisheye lens in these images displays the world as a spherical object. In "LandscapeN" the image looks to be as if it were taken of an Aurora Borealis or the northern lights whereas "LandscapeD" was taken during the day of the blue sky. The border of houses and buildings around the outside of each image display that the context in which the photos were taken are not in an uninhabited area. Depending on how you look at both of these works they can be seen as planets with life on the surface or a photograph used with a fisheye lens. These works can be interpreted as illusions or however the audience are to view them.
This artwork made in 2005 strongly displays the 'Post-Modern' frame through the installation which displays a mordern light show reflecting what may be a universal interpretation.
The "Yanjirlpirri" artwork made by Alma Nungarrayi Granites strongly represents the 'Cultural Frame'. It shows this through the traditional method of painting and the meanings and religion that lie within it.
The 'Structural Frame' is displayed in "U-Space. The Cherry Orchard" It is shown through the shapes and sizing of the what look like crystals form patterns and reflections in which however they're interpreted may represent stars.
Credits: All media
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